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BERLOOK beginnings

We established BERLOOK when the Covid-19 pandemic made us realize the importance and fragility of our ecosystem. We knew we had to do something that would benefit women and the world, which is why we launched our brand. With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, we know style. BERLOOK is dedicated to brings innovation to design, so women wearing our swimwear feel free and beautiful while helping clean up the environment.

About Product

Designing swimwear for everyone so that women can see themselves as we do, totally unique, strong, feminine, and beautiful.

Sustainable Materials

We adopt 100% natural or recyclable fabric for every timeless piece in our swimwear and ready-to wear collection we create. Comfortable pieces made from high stretchy materials provide coverage across all different bodies.

Comfortable Fit

Each one of our swimwear styles has been tried on by dozens of women with a variety of body shapes and sizes, to ensure that they look perfect.

Timeless and Versatlie

We launch some brand new styles each season with multiple ways to wear and love them, giving our customers the most bang for the buck

About Sustainability

We believe offer a wide range of styles and trends aren't everything, but above all make environmental progress for a better tomorrow.

Better Material

Recycled Material Certificated GRS

Ethical Production

Ethic is not just talk, but action

1% for Climate

Stripe Climate Member

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