Ethical Production

Ethic is not just talk, but action

It is important for circular system to achieve true circularity with building a strong social foundation. This starts with ensuring respect and dignity for all workers employed throughout our entire production. Our partners including materials factories and garments finished manufacture are carefully selected and chosen to work with companies. And our cooperation is based on sharing our commitment to ethics and sustainability.

What We Value

This ensures that everyone involved in the production of our products is taken care of and minimizes the impact on the planet.

We know it is not enough to make sure our partners to adhere to the commitment to ethics and sustainability by words and regular inspections, so we also encourage even require them to be certificated by at least one social responsibility system, such as amfori-BSCI, SA8000 or WRAP.

These social responsibility rate the following section:

- Right to Free Association and Collective Bargaining
- Non-discrimination
- Fair pay
- Reasonable working hours
- Occupational Health and Safety
- No child laborSpecial protection for young workers
- Unstable employment patterns are not allowed
- Bonded labor is not allowed
- Protect environment
- Ethical Business Conduct

We have modelled these 11 standards on those set by amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade.

Responsible Material Sourcing

We prefer to sustainable materials and are proud all of our swimwear are made with recycled materials certificated Global Recycled Standard, this is the start of a long-term goal to operate our business more sustainably. We choose fabric partners that is in line with ethical production, which is conducive to ensure ethical production from the source. And our recycled fabric factories are certificated BSCI.

Ethical Production

We cooperate with garment factories in different regions, including Mainland China, Vietnam, India and so on. For all cooperated garment factories, we asked partners to comply with our agreed production rules, and put an end to the unethical behavior that does not conform to the labor law.

In addition, we try our best to cooperate with factories with BSCI or WRAP qualification verification to ensure ethical production outcomes, hence ensuring that the employees of our cooperative factories work happily in fair treatment, healthy and safe production environment, with no child labor and no discrimination in wage environment. Up to now, 40% of our cooperative factories have BSCI verification and 20% have WRAP verification. We are committed to achieving 100% ethical verification of cooperative factories by 2025.

Additionally, we would check and track at regular intervals whether employee guarantees of our cooperative factories are in place to ensure our ethical production integrity. Transparency is an important thing, and we're striving to sort out all these details and offer them to our customers to trace.

Ethical production has always been an important aspect of sustainability that we have been working on. That’s the beginning. In the days to come, we will further promote ethical production and make due contributions to sustainable development. We sincerely hope that more factories abiding by ethical production take the initiative to contact us so that we can work together for sustainable development.