Activity Information

About application  

1. Only one application is allowed per person.

2. Only the apparel selected in this event could be chosen, with limited stock of each item.

3. The IG account filled in by the applicant must be an opening account. Sharing activities on your account will increase the chance of being selected.

4. Please fill in your information carefully, or you will be disqualified if your information is incorrect or cheating.

5. Those who are not chosen will receive a 15% off coupon.

About shipping 

1. Shipping Time: 7-15 days; BERLOOK will cover the shipping rate.

2. Delivery time varies by area, but we will make every effort to deliver it ASAP.

3. Winners will receive one free product, with no need to return it.

About the winners 

1. All winners will be announced on BERLOOK website and the IG account. We will email the winners to confirm the information you provided. Please reply to us within 48 hours.

2. Please post your photographs within 10 days after receiving the products. If there are special circumstances, please let us know by email. If the goods are not received due to the your personal reasons or force majeure reasons, it will be regarded as an automatic abandonment; In addition, a 20% off coupon will be issued as compensation.

3. BERLOOK owns the right of images offered by all participants for commercial usage.

4. Winners who post their multi-occasion styling can obtain the lifetime coupon (20% off), if not, winners will not be qualified for joining all future activities of BERLOOK. Attentionally, the lifetime coupon can only be used after registering a BERLOOK account, which is limited to one person and one account, and cannot be transferred.

5. Please help us improve our products, and there will be questionnaires in the follow-up.

BERLOOK reserves all the rights for the final explanation.