Environment protection is everybody’s duty. Benefiting from rapid economy growth, ocean pollution is getting worse, of which plastics are the largest, most harmful and most persistent fraction of marine litter, accounting for at least 85 per cent of total marine waste. Plastic does not biodegrade naturally, and it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces called micro plastics. Admittedly, every piece of plastic ever produced is still existing in some form somewhere in the world. In this way, ocean pollution caused by plastics severely hurt marine life, posed threat to ecosystems and human health, and produced colossal social and economic costs. Hence, urgent measures and actions to abate and prevent pollution call for global cooperation to tackle this mounting crisis. This World Ocean Day, it is time to do something for ocean.

As Earth - dwellers and sustainable brand, we’re here to help the planet and join us to put an end to disposable plastic material. As is well-known, plastic never goes away for it does not biodegrade and can only be broken into micro plastics. In such case, how can we kill off the plastic and its harm on ocean and us to realize sustainable development? The answer lies in recycling-recycle plastic materials to maximize resource and further cut down on ocean pollution. Thus, our recycled swimwear are emerged as the request of times.        

We are proud that all of our swimwear are made of recycled materials certificated Global Recycled Standard, achieving the goal of unified economic and social benefits. That’s also the start of a long-term goal to realize sustainable ocean environment and economy growth. In this sustainable process, we need your help. To echo World Oceans Day, we Berlook firstly starts with recycled plastic swimwear whose fabric features softness and stretch, doing no harm to skin and environment. Just think how nice it would be if you wear a piece of swimwear made of recycled material! In this purchase process, you can not only satisfy your needs, but also make your contributions to ocean environment protection. Certainly, do not worry about the safety of recycled plastic for its all process can meet manufacturing system standard and pass Global Recycled Standard. 

1 swimsuit top is made of about 5 plastic bottles. Imagine how enormous positive effects played by us on ocean environment protection if each of us contribute our best to use recycled material! The future and health of ocean needs us help, and let us make ocean environment clean through changing our inherent concept and behavior of consumption.